About Us

APRIDEC Medical Outreach Group is a non-profit making, non-governmental organisation established by health professionals from the Upper East Region of Ghana in response to the challenges facing the people of the Northern part of Ghana.

APRIDEC medical outreach group was established in the year 2010 by a group of professionals but the number has since increased drastically and is currently represented by the following namely;

  1. Prof. F.A.Abantanga                         Paediatric Surgeon/Surgical consultant
  2. Dr Nsorh Azaare                                General Practitioner
  3. Dr Dorminic Awariyah                     Orthopaedic/Trauma Consultant
  4. Dr Robert Amesiya                            General Practitioner
  5. Dr Erasmus Agongo                          Director of Health
  6. Mr Dan P. Awindor                           Pharmacist
  7. Mr Baba Mbabila                               Pharmacist
  8. Mr Anthony K. Amalba                    Pharmacist
  9. Miss Juliana Atindaa                        ENT Nurse
  10. Mr Abeo Uthman Asaah                  Nurse
  11. Miss Alice Ziyaaba                            Nutritionist
  12. Miss Comfort Asoogo                       Oncology Nurse/Therapist
  13. Miss Juliana Agandaa                      Nurse
  14. Nana Yaa Opoku-Darkwa              Administrator
  15. Miss Hawa Iddi                                  Nurse
  16. Mrs Christiana Amalba                    Nurse
  17. Dr Nsiire Agana                                 Director of Health
  18. Dr Hoyte Williams                            Surgeon
  19. Dr Mohammed Duah                       ENT surgeon
  20. Dr Edwin Yenli                                  Urologist
  21. Dr Nuhu Naabo                                 Surgeon
  22. Miss Rosemary Sasu-Siaw              Nurse Anaesthetist
  23. Miss Patricia Amoshie                     Nurse
  24. Mr David Kessiedu                           Nutritionist

The group had the privileged to be joined by the following Medical students from the University of Development Studies School of Medical Sciences (UDSSMS);

  1. Miss Hectoria Ataritulum Awekeya
  2. Mr Abass Abdullah
  3. Mr Anthony Ayambire
  4. Mr Clement Akuula
  5. Mr Lawrence Nsoh Nsohlemna


Our Mission Statement

To improve access to quality specialised healthcare services in the deprived communities of Northern Ghana, which will result in improved quality of life and improved socio-economic status.

Our Vision Statement

To help provide effective and quality professional medical care to the underserved populations in deprived communities of the Northern part of Ghana.

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Apridec Medical Outreach Group.

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Kumasi-Ashanti Region,Ghana..


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Apridec Medical Outreach Group is a group with the passion to provide specialist healthcare to vulnerable and deprived communities.We welcome all medical professionals and people who share in this vision to be part of this noble team to save life!

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