APRIDEC Medical Outreach group( AMOG) provides free medical services as well as a wide range of clinical services to the people from less privileged areas, especially in the three Northern Regions, with difficulty accessing specialist care.

The wide range of services provided by AMOG , include the following; screening of patients for early detection and referral for specialist care; giving health education on Diabetes and Hypertension by our Dieticians, breast cancer screening for early detection by our Oncologist, providing surgical care by our able Pediatric, Urologist, ENT, Orthopedic and General Surgeons and advocating for health promotion and improvement of health facilities in these areas.


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Apridec Medical Outreach Group.

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Kumasi-Ashanti Region,Ghana..


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Apridec Medical Outreach Group is a group with the passion to provide specialist healthcare to vulnerable and deprived communities.We welcome all medical professionals and people who share in this vision to be part of this noble team to save life!

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